Italian motorcycle maker South Garage located in Milan has released its custom version of the BMW R75/7, “Nerboruta”. The classic BMW underwent a massive transformation culminating in a stunning vintage look.  South Garage started by stripping it down to its bare materials and then added superbly handcrafted custom made parts and accessories. The Italian term Nerboruta is used to describe something as muscular or brawny.

Featuring a handmade wooden seat and wood grain panels, leather strapped handlebar grips, a retro speedometer, and vintage tires, it’s the kind of custom bike that belongs in an art gallery than a showroom.  Molto Bello!


The two-time winner of the “Bike of the Year” award, Maxwell Hazan and architect behind the motorcycle customs shop Hazan Motorworks, has just unveiled his latest project, “The Musket” – and it’s pretty cool to say the least.

“The Musket” as its called has an engine which was hand-carved from a block of wood, its surrounding frame built specifically to house it, and two very large BF Goodrich tires used to transfer all of the power to the road. Hazan employed such skill that only the tires, wheels and headlight were purchased; every other piece was made by hand.

All cables and wires are discreetly hidden, the handlebars have an internal, rather than an external, throttle cable, and there’s hand shift and clutch which declutter the lower controls. It even has a small battery that was cut up and rearranged to fit inside the tank, and the rest of the ignition and electronics are housed under the engine to enhance airflow.

To top things off, the rider sits on a seat made from a beautifully-aged piece of walnut, coated in 15 layers of lacquer and then polished to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. It’s a not particularly fast bike, with only about 55hp, but when it looks this good it doesn’t matter. Check it out above.

honda rebel 300

The new 2017 Honda Rebel has gone through some big changes compared to years before including a completely new look.

The entry level motorcycle has received its first full redesign since it debuted thirty years ago. The classic chrome cruiser now resembles a trendy blacked out bobber with fat tires on cast wheels, and it’s offered in two versions, both a little bigger than the outgoing Rebel 250.

The Rebel 300 comes with a liquid cooled, 286cc single-piston engine, while the Rebel 500 is now powered by a 471 cu liquid-cooled twin. Both come with six-speed transmissions and are available with anti-lock brakes as well.

Prices will start at around $4,399 for the 300 and $5,999 for the 500, which undercuts the similarly millennial-focused Harley-Davidson Street 500 by $850.

3D printing is a fairly new tech that allows you to literally print up various physical objects using a 3D printer.  It’s uses range from being used in the medical industry to create custom medical devices to big name brands such as Nike and New Balance using it to create custom sneakers.  It’s use has now found itself in the motorcycle industry with a company called APWorks.   APWorks has created what is now the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle.

The bike has been dubbed “Light Rider”, and weighs in at just 77 pounds ( which also makes it the world’s lightest motorcycle as well).  It’s powered by a six kilowatt electric engine that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 50 miles per hour in just seconds.

By using a special method of molding, APWorks was able to combine minuscule aluminum alloy together which in turn created the web like frame on the Light Rider motorcycle.

APWorks is marketing Light Rider as the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle and only 50 units will be produced so if your interested you can snatch one up for about $56,000.

BMW and PRAËM (a French company that makes custom motorcycles) have joined forces to create a beautiful custom BMW S 1000 RR that boasts both power and style.

French brothers Sylvain and Florent Berneron who own and operate PRAËM are largely responsible for the beautiful design, which is meant to show a bigger range of what one can do in custom, as well as to demonstrate that modifying sport bikes is a lot more technical than one may be led to believe.  A modification of this sort needs to be very precise and accurate in order for it to all work out correctly, however that is just what was accomplished here.

The custom BMW S 1000 RR features a front fairing that is based on a Suzuki endurance bike and has one light on the right side. Among the changes that have taken place, the fuel tank has been reconfigured in aluminum and the wheels have been replaced with lighter carbon wheels-in order to reduce inertia and gyroscopic effect to aid steering by speeding up.

All in all, this is one custom that is truly a work of art…

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“The idea with this build, was to create something classy but aggressive. A bike that runs great, with great lines and big attention to details.” -builder Willie Knoll

Clutch Custom Motorcycles located in Paris, has built a less fussy, and more chic version of this iconic bike, the BMW R9T.  The R9T designed as a Roadster and featuring a 1170 cc boxer engine has been slimmed down and made to look more like a cafe racer and less like a Roadster in this classy version.

In designing the bike, builder Willie Knoll created a bike that maintains its classy aesthetics without losing its aggressive tone.

The motorcycle has been slimmed down with an all new sub frame.  A custom fuel tank has been placed up top, while handmade side covers reside underneath, just in front of a brown vintage leather seat.  Overall, the bike sits lower, but the wheels are actually an inch larger, featuring 18 inch rims. The tires are Pirelli and additional custom components include the gas cap, front fender, and rear-sets.

While the exhaust system is stainless steel, the overall color scheme features a deep blue gas tank paired with a black frame and more polished stainless steel finishes throughout.

Like a fine tailor, builder Willie Knoll has massaged every angle into place, until the balance and flow are just right, without being showy.

It’s a direction never imagined for BMW’s best selling roadster -but the execution is flawless.

“The goal is not to make a pure race bike or a comfortable touring bike, but a vehicle that can live in between these two worlds”

French customizers PRAËM are proud to present their first ever custom, the PRAËM SP3. The PRAËM SP3 is a one-of-a-kind Honda VTR 1000 RC51 SP2. This particular machine won the SBK championship in 2000 and finished second in the points in 2001, both times with legendary motorcycle racer Collin Edwards.

The high-powered SP3 features a magnesium and aluminum engine that cranks out 165 horsepower, Öhlins suspension, Brembo breaks and lightweight Rotobox carbon fiber wheels. The rear cylinder has been built to prevent overheating thanks to the large fuel tank cutout, while the frame notes construction from stainless steel and brushed aluminum.

The coolest feature of the bike, though, has to be the integrated Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 watch on the tank. The designers deliberately chose to integrate the complete watch (with strap) in its support to keep it wearable when the rider is not on the machine.

For more on PRAËM and their new and impressive SP3, visit


SP3 project started in January 2015. Complete design and building process done in-house and required approximately 4000 hours of labor. The new tank has a 12L capacity and the dry weight is 180Kgs.

Tires: PIRELLI Superbike SC2
Wheels: ROTOBOX carbon fiber wheels (6.8kg a pair)
Discs: SICOM carbon ceramic brakes (optimal operating temperature: 450°C)
Brakes: BREMBO CNC 484/108 and CNC 84 (all on ceramic pads)
Suspension: ÖLHINS FGR300 and TTX36, finished in full black
All non-suspended parts use titanium bolts.

1000cc 90° V-twin / DOHC / 4 valves per cylinder
Lightened crank shaft
JE high-compression pistons
Titanium valves
Tuned cylinder heads
Power Commander
Racing air filters and ram air
Titanium exhaust

Front wheel axle / CNC Steel
3 disc holders / CNC Aluminum
Triple clamps / CNC Aluminum
Ram air / Aluminum
Gas tank / Aluminum
Wired fairings / Stainless steel / 1150 wires / 7.8kg
Front fairing edges / Aluminum
Windshield / Plexiglas (PMMA)
Windshield carrier / Aluminum
Sub frame / Aluminum
Number plate holder / Aluminum
Modified Frame / Aluminum
Battery carrier / Aluminum
Engine spoiler carrier / Aluminum
Engine spoiler / Antique brass
Modified engine covers / Magnesium
Seat / Aluminum & Alcantara
Fairing brackets / Aluminum
Exhaust silencers / Stainless steel
Silencers holders / Stainless steel
Rear mudguard / Carbon fiber
Rear caliper carrier / CNC Aluminum
Expansion tank / Aluminum
Watch carrier / CNC Aluminum

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